Increase Your Sales Workshop with Dennis Nisbet

September 13th - 9am to 5pm at Raymond Photography

Dennis Nisbet has been in the professional photographic industry for many years and is currently a studio owner. He stays very active in our profession at the local, state and national level and he is a Certified Professional Photographer, Certified by Professional Photographers of America. He is an image judge and a mentor for the CPP program and he conducts Certification training classes in California. He holds a Craftsman Degree, also from PPA, and he is the 1st Vice President for the Professional Photographers of Orange County.

He has regularly taught his sales training program at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, at State and local events and, for the last two years, as a 1 day program for Tim Meyer's class at West Coast School and, for his involvement with the CPP program and other activities he was recently bestowed the great honor of being a recipient of the most prestigious PPA National Award. He has also been a professional sales trainer for many years in a variety of industry segments.

Determined that photographers, who are for the most part truly artist not sales people, could learn simple methods for improving their photographer selling skills and thus improve their income, I have spent the last 15 years developing a program that would accomplish this task.

Most sales training programs either provide theory, tactics and sometimes both. While some programs like that are good, they generally don't provide the student with concrete skills that they can use right away. This is especially true for programs presented to photographers and the material presented takes many months to develop effective application. Every time I've presented my program virtually all of the attendees walk away with something they can use right away.

Here is what you can expect out of my program:

  1. After both the short program at our general meeting and the all-day workshop the next day attending photographers will have a completely new set of tools that will enable them to much more effectively help their customers make buying decision that both the client and the photographer will appreciate for years to come.

  2. Attendees will be introduced to a style of communication that is both friendly and effective.

  3. Attendees will learn how to use tie-downs as a way to solicit agreement from their customer.

  4. Attendees will learn how to properly handle the PRICE question.

  5. By attending both the short program at our general meeting and the all-day workshop the next day, attendees will be introduced to a variety of selling skills both old and new.

  6. Attendees will get to see what PPA is doing to promote true professional photography and how to integrate that into their own business.

  7. Attendees will get to see some of the "WRONG" ways to do presentations.

  8. Attendees will learn how to use simple words like feel, felt, found to help guide customers by using questions and statements.

  9. Both presentations are designed to enable photographers to more effectively build quality sales without having to learn a new skill set.

  10. Attendees will have a much better appreciation for the value of integrating professional selling skills into their ART of Photography.

Dennis Nisbet, cr. Photog., CPP
Craftsman Photographer
Certified Professional Photographer
PPA "National Award" Winner

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